Welcome to ShoppersGuide, the one-stop national online directory and guide for shoppers, diners, and travelers to find stores, restaurants, and resorts offering specific brands, food, or services with just a few clicks.

Shoppers can search by item, location, shopping centers and mall, and brand in most cities, islands and regions in the Philippines. Shoppers can find bargains and deals of their choice to maximize their shopping experience without wasted time, gas and energy.

Diners can find restaurants of their desired cuisine, ambiance, location and price range. Plus, the newest restaurant, cafe and bistro in specific locations.

Travelers can discover get-away hotspots, hotels and resorts in unfamiliar places for business and pleasure.

ShoppersGuide provides owner of stores, restaurants, and businesses a faster and affordable way to reach and expand their market exposure to highly interested customers who are looking for their products and services at the right buying mood-wider market, more customers, more sales.

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ShoppersGuide is launched by the publishers of the Buyers Guide to Philippine Exporters and Manufacturers, Metro-Manila Real Estate Magazine, Manila, Inc. and Philippine products Magazine, whose expertise are in local market research and data development.

Proudly developed in the Philippines, ShoppersGuide will be hosted by the U.S. internet infrastracture for stability, consistent accesibility, and global reach. This is to ensure website access by Philippine shoppers all over the 7,107 Philipppine islands.

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Copyright 2013 ShoppersGuide Marketing Inc. All Rights Reserved